I was referred to Sean in 2013 after a few incidents involving my bike resulted in PTSD. I went from being an avid rider of 12 years to struggling unsuccessfully to clip in and ride a block from my house. I tried everything I could think of for a couple months before I was introduced to Sean. I was told if anyone could get me back on my bike, it was him. ~45 days later I was riding again thanks to his patience and belief in collaborating with other professional resources. Sean really believes that fitness isn’t just about strength or cardiovascular endurance. Those are just 2 pieces of the puzzle; mental state, diet, balance, stress levels, manual therapy, etc; they all play a part and affect each other. As someone who considered themself fairly fit and knowledgable about fitness, how I structure my workouts and how I look at my health overall has completely changed. And as I continue to work with him I continue to learn more and more.
— Julie B
Coach Ahmadi has helped me be much better at catching, and passing, my rivals this year. In my age group you really need a coach who can help you overcome repeat injury issues and be at your best in terms of mobility as well as race conditioning. Sean knows and understands what my race courses are like, and can speak to my preparation needs. He talks the talk and walks the walk.
— Bill Sw.
After my first year of CX racing in 2014, I was like, “Holy cow, long road rides don’t prepare you for this. I feel like I had zero CX fitness to perform well in CX races”. I finished that season and decided I need CX specific training to be able to compete. Red lining your heart rate for 30-50 minutes is NO joke and you need specific training for it. I hired Sean in February of 2015 and worked with him that next year and WOW, what a difference it made in my performance and competitiveness! I went from top 10 finishes my first season to top 5 the next season with many podium spots. His coaching is amazing and workouts are very hard and IT WORKS! If you commit, you WILL see a difference. I highly recommend Sean as a CX coach! He will change your race season like no other. AND, there’s still time to gain that fitness. NOW is the time to dial in CX specific training and conditioning! Give Sean Shahin Ahmadi a call! I still train with Sean, too, by the way. It’s been a great relationship!
— Leigh B.
Sean is helping me focus on my weaknesses while still improving on the strengths. His methods are progressive and innovative. He’ll find your perceived limits and get you way passed them. The progress makes me want to keep working. Thanks Sean!
— Enrique V.
I raced bikes when I was 14 in Utah, then life gets in the way and you find yourself older, working, and with kids - But the love for racing still is strong. Now in Austin with such a dynamic and supportive racing community the desire to race burned strong. I was referred to Coach Ahmadi by friends at the bike shop and we’ve now worked together for over 5 years. He’s not only laid out my workouts, but taught me the full cycle the body goes thought in a racing season. From the 20 min. window after a hard workout, nutrition, stress, sleep, to recovery in the off season and more. Now during a C race (Meaning it’s more of a training race) Coach had me work on breaking away from the pack. So I would sprint away and try and stay away for 2-6 min. then come back to the pack, regroup and do it again. I was able to do this 4 times during the race. Others must of thought I was just not strong enough to stay away, not knowing I was training. At the end of the race I was a wheels length away from 1st place. Mentally this exercise helped me develop my confidence in racing and just another way Coach Ahmadi helps you see things in a new light. Thank you Sean for all the hours you’ve invested in me!
— Ryan C.
I started going to Sean in 2012. I really appreciated his patience with me and his understanding of my limitations. I also appreciated his helping me exceed those limitations. I became much stronger and able to do a lot that I never thought I could do. Due to my current job which has me working out of town, I’ve had to stop working with Sean and I really miss it. On top of all the awesomeness he possesses as a trainer, he’s also a great human!!
— Laura B
Sean has been my trainer for 11 years. He has been there for me through serious injuries and many life events. As a physician, I appreciate Sean’s unique ability to think through my particular needs and come up with a helpful regimen at the right time. Whether I am maintaining strength and balance, working on my golf game, or training for a big running or cycling event, Sean can come up with the perfect regimen to achieve my goals. is not an exaggeration to say that I feel That, with a very poor family medical inheritance, I would literally not be alive if it had not been for the continuous relationship I have had with him as a trainer. Besides that he is kind and intuitive beyond my expectations. I give him the highest marks as a trainer ( and more recently get to enjoy some massage work as well!!).
— William S
I am so grateful to Coach Ahmadi for helping me correct a lifetime of muscle imbalance and bad posture. I got to the point where pain in my hip was constant and excruciating. Through functional training and massage, I am back to better than I was before! Because of our training together I was able to avoid future problems or surgeries. Coach Ahmadi is so knowledgeable and I now feel empowered with an understanding for how to train smarter and keep my muscles happy!
— Natalie Y
Sean Ahmadi is not only the best coach I have worked with, he is also a kind, generous, skilled, & genuine person. I have enjoyed workouts with Sean for over a decade, and I highly recommend his services! Sean customizes workouts that benefit posture, strength, balance, & flexibility for all kinds of people. Check out his website for more!
— Kristina K
Sean has been my coach for longer than I would like to admit. He has worked with me both on cycling and rowing. Being an adaptive athlete, Sean has spent a lot of time developing innovative ways of helping me get to world class level in my sports. He even took up the rowing machine so he could understand what I was going through ( share the pain ). I have recently taken up Olympic Recurve Archery and as usual we are developing new training to help me excel. I would recommend him to any serious athlete that wants to get as good as you can be.
— Greg L
Sean is extremely talented trainer and masseuse. I highly recommend him and think he is talented and will make anyone at any level feel right at home. As a masseuse he is very considerate and will help ease those aching muscles and help you stretch in the most relaxing manner.
— Sabrina S
Coach Ahmadi was my cycling coach for 3 years. If you want results in your cycling and to be the best you can be then Coach Ahmadi is the coach! He will make you put in the hard work and the rewards will be huge! His feedback on my workouts were almost daily which I personally liked. No guessing on your progress!
— Carole B
Sean is an extremely skilled personal coach and the personalized training that he provides is elite level. He graduated from massage school recently and began working soft tissue into his services. He was always a good stretch partner but now this takes it to a new level. He’s worked on my psoas and helped me immensely. I’ve had trainers and strength coaches on professional sports teams and what I receive from Sean is right on par with what the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros strength programs take their athletes through, if not better.
He’s what makes Austin a wonderful place to train and I’m glad he’s here with us.
— Brian H
Sean coached me for seven years, from when I was a freshman in high school until after my sophomore year of college. Under his watch, I was able to progress from a mid level Cat 1 Jr. to having the opportunity to race with USA Cycling in Europe the summer after a graduated high school and racing two years as an amateur professional. His coaching style blends short high intensity workouts with longer mixed intensity rides, to help achieve the benefits of high training volume in a smaller package. It’s not always easy, but it is always rewarding working with Sean.
— Mason S
Sean is an amazing coach! I’ve worked with him for over a decade & my body absolutely loves the style of training he offers. I am stronger, more flexible, & have more balance from our weekly sessions. As a personal trainer who also has a license in massage therapy, Sean is a real gem to have on my self-care team. He is a kind, knowledgeable, talented person and I recommend his services to all kinds of people, including professional & amateur athletes.
— Kristina K
After my knee surgery I didn’t think I would ever get back on the bike, let alone race.
— Andy T
As a father my time is extremely limited, but my desire to race wasn’t, Coach Ahmadi helped me train smarter with my limited time.
— Ryan C
Gaining 1mph on my TT time after just a few weeks of working with you made my week. The constant feedback is great. It is amazing that I have been putting in more volume, but at the same time my legs constantly feel fresh and ready for the next workout. Thanks Coach Ahmadi.
— Vivek A
I’ve always just gotten on my bike to ride without any major purpose or plan. ….which is alright because I enjoy riding, it’s good exercise and something the whole family does (well, at least most of us!).

This last week has required more focus on my rides and attention to detail: intervals, HR, etc. I’ve still had fun even though it was a bit awkward at first. I think I’m starting to get the hang of it all and also can visualize the positive impact that this mental focus and discipline is going to have on my cycling – so I can make it to the next level and have even more fun and reward.

I really like the web-based training system and the regular feedback you give. Email works really well because I can send my feedback and you can respond when you’re free and have the time to give a thoughtful response. Thanks again for your help and guidance
— Don D
I knew I was on the right track when I was able to get off my blood pressure meds and loose the weight they helped add.
— Ava L