Growing up, Sean never considered himself to be “athletic”. His first experience with organized athletics came during his time at University of Texas, Austin. When a friend signed Sean up for a triathlon class, a love for fitness was sparked. This spark formed him into an avid rock climber, competitive triathlete and cyclist. Sean’s focus shifted away from Biology and he graduated from UT with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology.

Upon graduating, Sean became both a USA Cycling Coach and a USA Triathlon Coach. He continued to compete, adding mountain biking and cyclo-cross to the mix, moving from CAT 3 to CAT 1 cyclo-cross in a single season. Sean’s proudest achievements, however, are in mountain biking, for which he earned his professional license and competed locally, nationally, and internationally.

For over 15 years, Sean has worked with athletes of varying ability to reach their fitness goals. One consistent need across all individuals with whom he has worked– pro-athletes, adaptive athletes, weekend warriors, and busy professionals that want to stay fit– is the need for a holistic approach to fitness. After years of helping his clients through injuries, compensations, and other problems, Sean decided to take a more hands-on approach.

Using his foundations in strength training, functional training, and endurance training, Sean obtained his license in massage therapy, adding new modalities of manual therapy to his services. In combining manual therapy with strength and functional training, Sean enables his clients to overcome compensation patterns that lead to injury. Most injuries are due to overuse of muscles and joints, causing improper balance between the muscles that stabilize our joints and our posture. Strength training alone only addresses half of this issue. By adding manual therapy, clients have the benefit of addressing the entire issue in a single session; after all, if you’re coming back from an injury, why not analyze its root cause and re-educate your muscles for the correct movement pattern? Whether for athletic endeavors or just everyday movement, the added service of manual therapy aids Sean’s clients in taking better care of their bodies. 

Sean’s philosophy for life is simple: “I believe in exercising for life, which means no matter how old you are, you can be active and healthy.”



Massage Therapy
ISSA Personal Trainer Certification
USA Cycling
USA Triathlon
Professional Mountain Biking License
Professional Cyclocross License