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With TDF almost over it can only mean one thing. ITS CX SEASON

With TDF almost over it can only mean one thing.


Welcome to the home of Austin’s Cycling/Skill, and sport specific strength coach Sean Ahmadi.

This is the only place you need to visit if you want your Training plan, Skills and Strength Training all to sync together and give you your best performances without wasting any of your valuable time

Coach Ahmadi will help you grow your fitness and achieve your goals by CREATING your very own personalized plan.  Whether your goal is to improve your mountain bike, or CX skills, have power or heart rate based workouts created just for you, or do Sport Specific Strength training,

Coach Ahmadi specializes in both cyclocross training and mountain bike coaching. We also offer skills coaching on our local Austin trails. Do you have a competitive dream you want to fulfill? Coach Ahmadi is a professional mountain bike racer and coach and offers training guidance to help you convert your dreams to attainable goals. Just want to get fit for an epic mountain bike ride or bicycling fund raising event? Coach Ahmadi can help you enjoy the ride.

Whether it’s to become more fit and healthy, loose some unwanted weight, overcome an injury, Coach Ahmadi offers personal strength training services to help you reach your fitness and competitive goals. Coach Ahmadi can even help you use fitness and diet to wing yourself off of medications. Are you ready to grow!

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