Performance Training

Post-Event Recovery Tune-Up

It’s the day after your big race. You’ve worked hard and put in a great performance. Now, it’s time to recover and prepare for the next one. The best recovery involves deep tissue work, select exercises, stretching, and enough core work to accelerate the flushing out of toxins and activation of your major muscles. Don’t get caught unprepared: Book your Post-Event Recovery Tune-Up session today for your major upcoming event!


When you’re fighting for every second, using the right muscles in the right order is key. Get rid of your compensation patterns by using functional training and manual therapy to improve your performance. This service isn’t just for competitive athletes: neuromuscular re-education is beneficial for anyone recovering from injury or surgery.

Performance Enhancement

You love training for that major event. You’re training hard and giving it everything you’ve got. Pain has become your new BFF. Still, if you want to put in those tough days and weeks, you’ll need a solid recovery plan. Foam rolling and stretching is great, sure. However, the right massage therapy done at the right time, in combination with stretching, will allow you to put in your best training effort while also reducing the chance of injury. Let Coach Ahmadi help you make the most of your training plan by working with you to find the right time to add Performance Enhancement. 

Overtraining Corrections

Unfortunately, overtraining injuries are familiar to everyone who loves training. Some will try to push through it, ultimately causing compensation patterns that decrease efficiency of movement and lowering performance. Of course, if you love to train, this creates a dilemma: You don’t want to overtrain, but you also don’t want to take too much time off. Don’t spend extra time with multiple therapists; get back to your sport quickly with someone who knows your sport, and has experience in both areas. Coach Ahmadi will bring you back with the perfect combination of manual therapy and functional training.

Supplemental Training

With over 15 years of experience in coaching athletes to reach their personal bests, let Coach Ahmadi prepare you for your next big event. Together, you can prepare for your next event, refresh your training plan, or even get back to a regular exercise regimen by planning your workouts and sport-specific strength training.



Client Testimonials

"After my knee surgery I didn’t think I would ever get back on the bike, let alone race." - Andy

"Gaining 1mph on my TT time after just a few weeks of working with you made my week. The constant feedback is great. It is amazing that I have been putting in more volume, but at the same time my legs constantly feel fresh and ready for the next workout. Thanks Coach Ahmadi." - Vivek

"As a father my time is extremely limited, but my desire to race wasn’t, Coach Ahmadi helped me train smarter with my limited time." - Ryan