Coach Sean Ahmadi takes a holistic approach to fitness,  
combining bodywork and functional training to help clients train smarter and overcome compensation patterns that lead to injury.

For over 15 years, Sean has worked with athletes of all abilities to reach their goals through a holistic approach to fitness. All individuals, whether pro-athletes, adaptive athletes, weekend warriors and busy professionals, who want to stay fit will thrive with a holistic approach to fitness.  

After years of helping his clients through injuries, compensations and other problems while stressing the importance of recovery, Sean decided to take a more hands-on approach. Using his strength/functional and endurance training as a foundation, Sean obtained his license in massage therapy and has added different modalities of manual therapy to his services to help his clients better take care of their bodies, whether for athletic endeavors or just every day movement. 

By combining manual therapy, strength, and functional training Sean helps his clients overcome compensation patterns that lead to injury. Each session is tailored specifically to each client's needs and goals.